“Warlord Sound Studios”, 2017

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Equipment of “Warlord Sound Studios” (with Sonarworks Reference 4 Room correction):


  • Mac OSX 10.13, Intel i7 quad core, 16gb ram and SSD hard drives.
  • Yamaha NS10 and Mission LX2 Audio Monitors
  • Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt Sound Card with UAD Plugins
  • Lexicon Reverbs
  • Sansamp PSA-1 & BASS DRIVER DI, DarkGlass Alpha Omega Ultra Bass Preamp
  • Peavey 6505 Guitar Amp
  • Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp
  • SSL G4000 Buss Compressor (B-side Studios)
  • ART VLA II Tube Opto Compressor
  • DBX Eq
  • Shure, Warm Audio, Studio Projects and AKG Mics
  • AMT B1 Preamp
  • Ibanez, Boss and many other stompboxes
  • Celestion v30 Vintage speakers Cabinet
  • Alesis DM10 Studio kit E-Drum
  • Korg Kronos, 01/WF, KORG Concert 7000, Trinity V3 Synths, Moog Sub37, IK UNO Synth
  • and other minor.


  • Logic Pro X
  • Toontrack EzDrummer and Superior Drummer with many expansions
  • Steven Slate Drums 5 + Terry Date Expansion
  • East West PLAY QL Pianos And Platinum Orchestra
  • Spectrasonic Omnisphere 1 & 2
  • Many NI Kontakt Symphonic Virtual Instruments
  • UAD Plugins (LA2A & 1176 Classic Compressors, EMT 140 Reverb, API Vision Channel Strip, Oxide Tape Machine and many other)
  • IK Multimedia T-Racks full suite, Amplitube 4 and Syntronik (endorsement)
  • Steven Slate VMR, RC-Tube & Relab LX480 Reverb
  • Waves API Collection, SSL 4000 Collection and many other.
  • Plugin Alliance Maag EQ4, SPL Transient Designer.
  • Softube Valley People Dyna-mite & Tonelux Tilt Eq
  • Soundtoys Decapitator & Microshift
  • Sknote Disto Compressor
  • Celermony Melodyne 4
  • Positive Grid BIAS, Ignite Amps Plugins and TSE Plugins for preproductions.
  • and MANY others!


Some tracks mixed and mastered by Paolo in his “Warlord Sound Studios”:

KALEDON – Reunited Kingdom (2018)



KALEDON – Into the Fog (2015 Version)