Keyboard Player of KALEDON (power metal – www.kaledon.com). Multi-instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar and Bass and Drum) and Sound Engineer.

Piano player since 1993, specialised in orchestral and modern arrangements | Composer | FOH and Producer.

Computer Engineer since 2011. IK Multimedia Endorser.

Official KALEDON Discography:

  • KALEDON: “Antillius – King of the Light” (full length, Keyboards)
  • KALEDON: “CH4 – Twilight of the Gods Remaster” (full length, Keyboards and Mix)
  • KALEDON: “Carnagus – Emperor of the Darkness” (full length, Keyboards)
  • KALEDON: “Reunited Kingdom” (single, Keyboards, Mix and Master)
  • KALEDON: “Let the Sabbath Begin” (tribute single, Keyboards, Mix and Master)
    Guest Appearances:
  • Vivaldi Metal Project: “The Four Seasons” (Keyboards on The Final Hour)
  • Even Flow: “Mother” (Keyboards, Vocals and Guitars Recording/Editing)
  • Aldaria: “Land of the Light” (Keyboards on Where Reality Ends)
  • Aldaria: “The Three Kings” (Keyboards)
  • Althea: “The Art of Trees” (Synth Solo on Away from Me)
  • Thabu: “Humanidad” (Keyboards on Hijos de la Tierra)
    … and more to be announced in 2019.

Live and more:

  • KALEDON European Tours (2013 – present)
  • Timestorm italian shows (Supporting Angra and more)
  • Metal for Kids – All Star Charity Jam 2016 and 2017 editions with Russel Allen (Symphony X), Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen), Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody), Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land) and many others
  • Noveria italian shows (Supporting Grave Digger european tour)
  • Onydia italian shows as guest musician
  • Official KALIDIA live sound engineer (custom live setup with MacbookPro + Mainstage Tascam 8 Channels soundcard + Roland/DDrum kick and snare triggers used with Superior Drummer)
  • Live sound engineer for Even Flow, Moonlight Haze and others.

Live and Studio Setup:
– Keyboards: Korg Kronos | Moog Sub37 | Korg Trinity V3 | Korg 01R/W | IK UNO Synth
– Guitars: ESP Eclipse | LTD Ex50 | Gibson Les Paul Standard
– Drum: Alesis DM10 V-Drum Studio Kit
– Music Gears: Peavey 6505 + v30 Cabinet 2×12 | Mesa Triaxis Preamp | Sansamp PSA-1 Preamp | AMT Bogner B1 Preamp | Boss, Ibanez, Zoom Pedals.
– Virtual Instruments: IK Syntronik, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, East West Quantum Leap Pianos and Symphonic Orchestra Play Edition, Soundiron Choirs, Steven Slate Drums 5, Ezdrummer 2, GGD and many many others.
– Studio: Mac OSX with Logic Pro X and Universal Audio Apollo thunderbolt interface. Yamaha NS10 and Mission LX2 Audio Monitors.
– Studio Outboard: SSL G4000 Compressor, Lexicon PCM71, DBX Eq, Shure, AKG, Studio Projects and Warm Audio Mics, Yamaha Monitors.
– Audio Plugins: IK Multimedia, UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Softube, Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance and Fabfilter plugins and many others.