Korg Kronos: “Fan Cooling” message? How to fix high temperature!

Some days ago, I saw a red alert on the screen of my Korg Kronos: “Fan Cooling”. I have immediately checked the cpu temperature and it was 89 degrees. Definitely too much!

Since my Kronos is out of warranty (I have the first series) I decided to open the workstation because I was convinced that the problem was the dust.

Honestly, when I opened the Kronos, I was quite disappointed about the heat dissipation: No fan on the cpu (on an Intel Atom dual core CPU, really?), only a very small (and noisy!) fan near the power supply and that’s it. Now I understand why the temperature is always so high and this is not a good thing.

So… ready to start? 😀

What you need:

  • Artic F8 Pro Fan (12 Volt): Amazon
  • Small Fan 5V for the CPU: Amazon
  • Passive Heatsink: Amazon
  • Four small rubber pads
  • Super Attack Glue: Amazon

1: Put the kronos upside down and remove all the screws. Pay attention to the joystick.

2: On the left side, unplug the cable of the fan:

3: In the center, find the fan and remove the 2 screws:

4: Remove the old fan:

5: Put the rubber pads on the 4 corners, add the Artic Fan in the slot and use the glue to attack it to the rubbers. Connect the cable to the power:

6: Time to add a small fan on the cpu:

8: Last Step! Let’s add the passive heatsink on the northbridge:

Done! Time to close your Kronos 🙂


Temperature after 30 minutes is 28 (!) degrees cooler.

Noise has been reduced.



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